Instructions for submission of theses in the academic year 2023/2024

1. Students insert their theses into the Central Register of Theses and Dissertations (CRZP) via AIS at the latest by the following deadline:

General Veterinary Medicine
JSP Animal Science
April 10, 2024
  • Students can find instructions for preparation of the theses, relevant thesis templates, manual to work with the template and manual to insert their thesis into the CRZP via AIS in the section “Related documents” below.
  • Detailed instructions for thesis submission will be sent to the students by e-mail.
  • Thesis must be inserted into the AIS within specified deadline.
  • Before insertion of the thesis into the AIS, students have to make sure that it is a final version approved by their tutor/supervisor with implementation of all changes – only then shall students mark their thesis as final in the AIS and thus complete the insertion. No further modifications are allowed and inserted thesis has to be identical with the subsequent printed version. In case there are differences between the two versions, student may be excluded from the defence and subject of the disciplinary proceedings.
  • Title of the inserted thesis has to be identical with the title of the thesis in AIS.
  • Thesis assignment is printed directly from AIS and entered into the thesis – assignment without the signatures of the tutor/supervisor, consultant (if assigned) and student is entered into a version inserted into the AIS, assignment with all signatures is entered into a version intended for printing.
  • Tutor/supervisor is responsible for student’s guidance regarding the content of the thesis (e.g. main text, results, percentages, etc.) as well as for the formal side of the thesis (citation and references, layout, etc.).
  • Theses inserted in AIS and marked as final will be checked by the Study Office for any non-adherence to the specified instructions and templates. In case of any errors, student will be notified by e-mail and asked to immediately remove the errors and re-upload the corrected final version of the thesis into the AIS.

2. Next steps:

  • After all the theses are checked by the Study Office, tutors/supervisiors, consultants (if assigned) and opponents will be asked to prepare assessments of the theses in the AIS. Printed and signed assessment shall be delivered in one copy to the Study Office by the tutor/supervisor, consultant (if assigned) and opponent.
  • After all the theses are checked by the Study Office, students will be asked to print out and sign one copy of their licence agreement for CRZP and one copy of their licence agreement for the university and deliver them both to the Study Office (Building No. 14) by April 25, 2024.
    • Students who restrict access to their thesis in the licence agreement for the university, have to also submit printed and signed Declaration on the providing of school work without the possibility to make the work accessible in two copies
    • Students who have already published or intend to publish their theses, have to also submit Solemn declaration on the publication of the final thesis in a periodical or non-periodical publication
  • Originality review will be available in the AIS closer to the date of the thesis defence and its printed copy will be delivered to the Study Office by the tutor/supervisor.

3. Printing of the thesis:

  • Printing of the theses will be provided by the UVMP Library and Editorial Centre in two coloured copies:
    • One printed and bound thesis copy will be archived in the UVMP Library.
    • Second printed and bound thesis copy has to be picked up by the student, who takes it and presents it to the thesis defence committee – after the defence, thesis copy is handed back to the student who may keep it for his/her own personal use. Student who does not bring printed thesis copy to the defence will not be able to defend the thesis.
  • Fee for printing of the thesis (38.60 EUR for 2 copies of bachelor thesis and 43.20 EUR for 2 copies of diploma thesis) will be assigned to each student in the AIS.
  • Evidence number of the thesis together with detailed instructions for thesis printing will be sent to students by e-mail after the submission deadline.

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