News for students

Rector´s Day Off - Inauguration of Madamme Rector and Vice-rectors

I would like to inform all the students and the teachers of the UVMP in Košice that I impart on the date March 25th 2019 From 11:00 am until 14:00 pm „The Rector's Day Off‘ for all students and PhD full time students of the UVMP in Kosice…

RECTOR´S DAY OFF - April 18th 2019 and April 23rd 2019

Based on the request of the foreign students and Erasmus students, I impart on the dates April 18th 2019 and April 23rd 2019 “ The Rector's day off’ for all students of UVMP and PhD full time students of all study programmes including…

Invitation to VetNEST Summer School 2019

21.01.2019   News for students
We invite you to VetNEST Summer School 2019 "Animal Welfare, Veterinary Ethics, and Law and Communication Skills" to be held from 21-27 July, 2019  at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna. Invitation Flyer

Tel-Hai College Representative at the UVMP in Košice

On November 28th-29th 2018, UVMP in Košice will be visited by Dr. Roee Gutman, representative of Tel-Hai College, Israel. Dr. Gutman is a researcher in the area of energy homeostasis - obesity, animal and human physiology, circadian physiology…

Celebration of the World Falconry Day

16.11.2018   News for students
'World Falconry Day celebrates the tradition, art, culture and heritage of falconry which has been practised around the world for over 4000 years. This years theme is 'Women Falconers...Wings for Falconry'. Women have played an important role in…

Visit of Professor Gad Baneth at the UVMP in Košice

Academic community of the UVMP in Košice had an honour to accept at the university campus expert in veterinary parasitology and infectious diseases from Israel. On November 6th – 7th 2018, prof. Gad Baneth, DVM, PhD., Dipl. ECVCP, director of…

Announcement for newly accepted students - Matriculation ceremony

17.10.2018   News for students
Matriculation ceremony of all newly accepted students of General Veterinary Medicine study program at the UVMP in Košice will take place on October 25th 2018 in the Morphological Pavilion, building No. 34. Presence of all newly accepted…

Rector´s Day Off

05.10.2018   News for students
I would like to inform all students and teachers of UVMP in Košice that I impart on the dates October 31st 2018 and November 2nd 2018 The Rector´s day off (without compensation) for all students and full time PhD students of all study…

Agrofilm 2018

The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice will participate in International Film Festival Agrofilm. From 2th to 4th October 2018, film projections will be screened at the P-34 Pavilion of Morphological The films bring to…

Invitation to conference VET FUTURE

27.09.2018   News for students
A conference called Where are you going, the veterinary profession in Slovakia? VET FUTURE will be held on 5th October 2018 in the UVMP Aula in Košice. The Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons of Slovakia, the University of Veterinary Medicine and…

Registration days for new academic year

01.08.2018   News for students
Please note that attendance at registration is mandatory. Without registration you can't participate in the teaching process.

Study schedule of the academic year 2018/2019

31.07.2018   News for students
Check out study schedule of the academic year 2018/2019.