Organisation structure

University Slaughterhouse

The workplace creates a space for ensuring the conditions for practical training in the field of food hygiene. This issue is an important part of the study and profiling of the university graduate mainly in the profession of veterinary surgeon. There are some subjects in the field of food hygiene such as meat hygiene and technology, meat and meat inspection, veterinary and hygienic supervision, etc., which are essential elements of the study to allow the graduate to supervise the hygiene of food production in order to obtain professional knowledge of the performance of food supervision of the production of foodstuffs of animal origin, handling and putting them into circulation, familiarization with the operation, technological processes of production, hygienic conditions of processing of foodstuffs in production food enterprises. The operation of the own slaughterhouse creates an important and irreplaceable possibility to implement a part of the practical teaching of this specialized problem in the conditions of its own operation.