Organisation structure

Národné referenčné laboratórium pre pesticídy

The National Reference Laboratory for Pesticides of the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice (NRL UVMP) was established by the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic no. 285/1995 of the Code in the sense of the currently valid Act no. 405/2011 of the Code on Phytosanitary Care and on the Amendment to the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic no. 145/1995 of the Code on Administrative Fees complemented by several ministerial rules. On the basis of the aforementioned Acts, the letter of the Ministry of Education, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic no. 2012-819/147: 1-072 from 27.1.2012 established the NRL UVMP to accomplish the duties of a specialized workplace for the evaluation of plant protection products for non-target organisms (so-called ECOTOX). UVMP is continuously involved in the registration process of plant protection products at both national and international levels.

NRL UVMP is actively involved in the implementation of the European council regulation No. 1107/2009 on the placing of plant protection products on the market within the EU as well as the Slovak Republic.

NRL UVMP is involved in the European projects under Annex I Renewal - AIR III – European Commission Regulation (EC) No 737/2007 from 27.6.2007. The NRL UVMP is preparing a Draft Renewal Assessment Report (DRAR), for the ecotoxicology section as the reporting country (RMS resp. co-RMS), for the evaluation of the active substances of plant protection products according the Directive of the European Commission Implement Regulation (EU) No 686/2012 from 26. 7. 2012, allocating to Member States for the purposes of the renewal procedure, the evaluation of the active substances whose approval expires by 31 December 2018.

NRL UVMP is also involved in the evaluation of plant protection products in the framework of zonal registrations, comparative studies and evaluations.

The second major role of NRL UVMP is scientific research. In support of the scientific conclusions of the evaluation process, but especially in the field of the risks management of registered plant protection products and their active substances to the ecosystem, the NRL UVMP already has a long-term cooperation with the Slovak Academy of Sciences – Institute of Animal Physiology and Institute of Parasitology in Košice, and also with the Institute of Neuroimmunology in Bratislava. NRL UVMP has long-term cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine UPJŠ in Košice and the Institute of Apiculture in Liptovský Hrádok. As a result of this cooperation, the research articles are published in the CC Journals and the results of the risk assessment lead to the suspension of registrations of certain active substances within the SR and the EU.