Organisation structure

Joint Centre of IPEVS and UVMP for Sensory Food Analysis

The joint Institute of Postgraduate Education of Veterinary Surgeons (IPEVS) in Košice and University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy (UVMP) in Košice is a specialized department approved in 1995 as an agreement between State veterinary administration of the Slovak republic and UVMP in Košice by their statutory representatives. Its founders and operators are the Institute of Education of Veterinary Surgeons in Košice. The department serves for the needs of education and research in the field of sensory analyses. Specialized Sensory Laboratory has become the technical basis for the integration of the Department of Sensory Evaluation of Foodstuffs into postgradual education of employees of State Veterinary and Food Administration of the Slovak Republic, performing food supervision on the level of:

  • - field and laboratory workers of State Veterinary and Food Administration of the Slovak Republic,
  • workers in the food industry,
  • trade and service workers.

The specialized sensory laboratory also serves for the purpose of teaching and research on sensory analysis of foods for: students, diplomats and doctoral students of UVMP in Košice.

In accordance with the agreement and the timetable of the training and practical exercises of UVLF students, including foreign students are based on the basics of sensory assessment (opinions, procedures, and methods), assessment of basic food types, food profiles analysis and testing of assessors.

As part of the new schedule for teaching at UVMP, practical training in the Feed and food safety and Market and food quality programs has also been gradually added to this department, namely: Food commodity authentication, Sensory food analysis, World meat specialties.

For the purposes of the given focus, fourteen study titles were issued from the IVVL media, serving as a study material for students of UVMP.