Organisation structure

DNA Analysis Unit

DNA Analysis Unit is an independent scientific and development workplace of the UVMP in Košice, based in the university campus. This workplace is headed by the vice-rector for science, research and foreign affairs, and person responsible for leading of this department is prof. MVDr. Ľudmila Tkáčiková, PhD.

This workplace with its focus and equipment provides an experimental base for research and can be used by various departments of UVMP. For research, DNA technologies, modern information technologies, analytical and evaluation DNA methodologies can be used. It serves for diagnostics of veterinary significant bacterial and viral pathogens as well as for work on scientific-research activities within the projects. This laboratory is also equipped for work with genetically modified organisms.

The aim is to educate scientific-pedagogical and scientific staff working on doctoral studies at the university and possess postgraduate training of veterinarians, internships as well as students working on diploma thesis. The workplace also serves for other, especially academic institutions, as well as the departments of the State Veterinary Institute and cooperates with the Slovak Academy of Sciences.