Organisation structure

Clinical Laboratory

The workplace is professionally competent to carry out objective and independent examinations, examinations and analyzes of biological material as well as soil, plants, feed, food of animal and plant origin on selected organic and inorganic indicators. The activity of the laboratory is mainly focused on:

  • clinical and laboratory diagnosis of health problems in the inadequate production and reproduction of food animals (preventive diagnosis and control of animal health),
  • solving of the basic and applied research tasks in the framework of scientific research activity in the field of health disorders focusing mainly on animal metabolism of animals with further continuity also on the health status of the human population and improvement of the educational process in theoretical and practical teaching of disciplines in the field of clinical diagnostics and internal animal diseases (1st and 2nd level of education), solving diploma theses, dissertation theses,
  • consultancy and advisory services relating to the preventive diagnosis of health problems in the context of cooperation with agricultural holdings in tackling livestock production and breeding practices,
  • collaboration and solving problems and current problems with other workplaces within the university.