At the beginning of the Coronavirus Crisis, the veterinary hospital had twice as many patients

22.05.2020   Do not miss , News

The University Veterinary Hospital in Košice has been operating on a continuous but limited basis following the introduction of measures related to the spread of coronavirus in March 2020. All clinics are fully functional, 24-hour emergency service is provided. Owners of animals that are in acute danger to health and life receive adequate assistance. However, they must follow strict regulations and respect all hospital regulations.

Only one client with an animal can enter the clinic of small animals following strict hygiene rules,  it is necessary to order by phone. In acute cases, such as injuries or accidents, the order is determined by the doctor according to the severity. "We have had a huge onslaught since mid-March. Private veterinary clinics reduced opening hours and closed workplaces. We did not close the hospital and the owners of the animals sought help from us, "says the vice-rector for clinical activities and professional relations of the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice Prof. DVM. Alexandra Trbolová, PhD. "Normally, we treated about 30 new patients a week at the small animal clinic. At the beginning of the crisis, the number of new patients increased to 60 to 70. All colleagues took turns in the services, we are still very much helped by PhD. students. Especially in surgery, where we have four young PhD. students, we did not have a problem with providing especially night and weekend services. Such clinical practice is the best school for them. Many thanks to everyone for that. "

The biggest attack is still recorded by the small animal clinic. All others work in a continuous mode, except for the clinic of swine, which has been closed for a long time due to African swine fever.