The last day of April is World Veterinary Day

30.04.2020   Do not miss , News

April 30 is listed in the calendars as World Veterinary Day. It was declared by the World Veterinary Association in 2001 to help raise awareness of the relationship between animals and human health.

The University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice symbolically thanks all those who take care of animal health even in this challenging period. They take care of the health all of us. We applaud especially doctors, nurses and staff of the University Veterinary Hospital, who have been providing professional services since the outbreak of the coronary crisis. We thank everyone who still does not forget about a healthy environment and the world around us.

By orienting the study programs, the university fulfils the modern concept of One World - One Health - One Medicine, which emphasizes the relationship between animal and human health and the quality of the environment. This is a natural trend, as up to 60 % of existing infectious diseases in humans are caused by zoonoses - infectious diseases transmissible from animal to human. As many as three-quarters of new human infectious diseases are of animal origin. Humankind has experienced this with the Ebola virus, HIV, SARS, MERS and the current global pandemic COVID-19. Five new human diseases appear each year, three of which are of animal origin. Therefore, close cooperation between human and veterinarians is necessary in the control of these diseases and the establishment of mechanisms for the early detection of an outbreak and the swift implementation of preventive and curative measures.