Flying over a safe place

23.03.2020   Do not miss , News

There are now 35 thousand km of power lines all over Slovakia. The whole country is woven with a dense network of cables. The birds are trapped. Collisions with power lines and elec-
trocutions account for more than ten thousand bird deaths every year. All over the world this amounts to several million victims a year. Interactions of birds with powerlines can result
in power outages. In Slovakia the focus is given to the topic since 1980s. All power supply companies cooperate nowdays with nature conservation experts on research and development of new solutions.

The largest project of its kind in Slovakia up till now was the LIFE Energy, implemented between September 2014 and December 2019 in 13 Special Protection Areas (SPAs), part of the largest network of protected areas in the world - Natura 2000, declared for the conservation of important species under the Birds Directive.