Rectors directive, March 12th 2020

12.03.2020   News

RECTOR’S DIRECTIVE No. 4/2020Following the meeting of the Crisis Management Team of the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice on March 12th 2020 in connection with the development of coronavirus COVID-19 infection in the European area

I dictate

in the period from March 16th 2020 until March 29th 2020

  1. To interrupt the attendance form of teaching. Educational process will take form of self-study during this period. Students are required to study the missing topics in accordance with the syllabus and recommended literature. Subject guarantors are required to be helpful during this form of study.
  2. To cancel all state examinations, including dissertation examinations, habilitation and inauguration lectures.
  3. To cancel preparatory courses for applicants to study.
  4. To cancel field trips and excursions.
  5. To close the canteens located at the university campus and dormitories.
  6. To close the UVMP dormitories.
  7. Foreign students staying at the dormitories who will not be able to return to their home countries may remain at the dormitories under tightened hygienic regime.
  8. To cancel foreign business trips.
  9. I provide all employees with time off with full salary compensation, except those, who will ensure the continuous and necessary workplace operation.
  10. Employees during this period are obliged to answer all business phone calls, check their business mailbox and fulfil their work duties according to the requirements.
  11. Heads of university departments are obliged to secure minimal workplace operations and appoint responsible person present at the workplace during the period. List of appointed employees needs to be delivered to the Rector’s Office at the latest on the March 13th 2020 at 12:00 a.m. In determining the responsible employees, into consideration must be taken their obligation to care for children and employees with risk factors (chronic diseases and/or over 60 years of age).
  12. No entry of unauthorized persons to the Equestrian centre, University facility for breeding and diseases of game, fish and bees in Rozhanovce, and cynological area pri Hati.
  13. To tighten up the daily hygienic regime of premises and persons in the university workplaces as recommended by the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic.
  14.  To cancel all professional, social, cultural, club, sports and other public events.
  15. To cancel the session self-governing bodies of the university.
  16. To employees and students to follow information continuously updated according to the epidemiological situation, which are published on the website of the university.

By the Rector’s Directive No. 4/2020 dated March 12th 2020, Rector’s Directive No. 3/2020 dated March 9th 2020 becomes void.

Prof. Jana Mojžišová, DVM, PhD, Dr. h. c.