The University opened a laboratory of hygiene and milk technology

10.12.2019   Do not miss , News

The new laboratory of milk hygiene and technology was opened on Monday, December 9, 2019 at the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice. It is part of the Institute of Milk Hygiene and Technology at the Department of Food Hygiene and Technology. The university received funds for modernization from the Ministry of Education. The total costs were EUR 67 791, the Ministry of Education provided EUR 64 883, the difference was paid by the University from its own resources.

A complete technological equipment for milk processing and production of dairy products has been added to the laboratory: milk cooling and storage tanks, pasteurizer, centrifuge, butter churn, cheese press, fermentation boxes, air-conditioning unit, which will ensure stable cheese ripening conditions throughout the year, relative humidity, air flow, equipment for thermization and homogenization of lump cheeses and other aids for cheese production, electric cheese smokehouse, vacuum packer, steam bath for steaming cheese production, cheese tables, sinks, cheese maturing shelves, cheese salting tank. A new inoculation table for microbiological diagnostics of milk and dairy products, autoclaves and scales were added to the microbiological laboratory for milk and milk products. Laboratory tables and chairs, food storage and handling lines, cooling equipment and other laboratory furniture will complement the teaching process.

“In the lab, students will acquire the habits necessary for field practice. They will be able to verify individual technological steps beforehand in order to eliminate unwanted external factors. These factors may influenced the health safety and quality of milk and dairy products” says the head of the Institute of Milk Hygiene and Technology, Assoc. Prof. DVM Eva Dudriková, PhD. Students will get acquainted with the whole process from the care of dairy cows and milk collection in the school farm in Zemplínska Teplica, through the whole technological process of milk processing in the laboratory to the final product. Students to assess their hygiene quality and safety will further use produced final dairy products.

“We expect that we will be able to expand cooperation between research and development institutions with social and economic practice. We have the background to prepare on a scientific basis the technological processes and safety system of traditional dairy products not only for the purposes of further scientific research and educational process, but above all for the development and revival of small dairy producers whose production is based on traditional technological dairy procedures,” explains the Vice-Rector for University Development and Quality Assurance prof. DVM. Jozef Nagy, PhD., who was also the guarantor of the project.

The modernized exercise area will be used by students in the programs of General Veterinary Medicine, Food Hygiene, Safety of feeds and foodstuffs and Market and food quality. During their studies, they focus on hygiene and technology of food, milk, dairy products, their chemical analysis and food technology. Subjects taught are including sheep farming, technology and safety systems for processing animal commodities, production technology and quality of milk and dairy products and sensory analysis of food.