Instructions to the teaching process in the spring semester of academic year 2021/2022

Instructions to the teaching process in the spring semester of academic year 2021/2022

In view of the current safety and preventive measures related to the spread of COVID-19 infection, we would like to inform you about the conditions under which the teaching process will take place in the spring semester of academic year 2021/2022.

  1. Teaching process in the spring semester will begin according to the schedule of the academic year from February 7, 2022 in the OTP regime. Students who do not meet the conditions of the OTP regime cannot attend classes.
  2. Teaching process will take place in a combined form as follows: lectures will be conducted preferentially online; practical classes (with the exception of selected seminars that will be online as well), clinical practices and internships will be conducted in person.
  3. Before the beginning of teaching process (no later than February 4, 2022), all students (including PhD students) are required to fill in an electronic questionnaire about their health status and travel abroad for the last 14 days and complete information about vaccinations (1st dose, 2nd dose, 3rd dose) or overcoming COVID-19 disease. The questionnaire can be found on the university’s website in the COVID-19 tab (ELECTRONIC QUESTIONNAIRE ABOUT THEIR HEALTH AND TRAVELLING ABROAD).
  4. Students who are not vaccinated or have overcome COVID-19 disease more than 180 days ago are required to get tested regularly and provide a negative test result during the teaching process in the spring semester at least once a week.
  5. Before the beginning of each in person class, the teacher checks the confirmation of vaccination, overcoming COVID-19 or a negative result of Ag or PCR test. It is the teacher’s responsibility to keep accurate attendance lists for each class in case of an epidemiological inquiry.
  6. Students who are suspected of having COVID-19 are not penalized for absence in the class, if they provide the subject guarantor with a record of an examination by a doctor or a mobile sampling unit (result from a testing centre). The method of compensation for missed classes is determined by the subject guarantor.
  7. Changes of study groups are not allowed. The subject guarantor is obliged to report changes in the timetable and classrooms to the relevant section of the Study Office in advance.
  8. In all UVMP premises and facilities, including the campus, it is mandatory to comply with the DMD (disinfection-mask-distance) rule.
  9. A person with symptoms of a respiratory tract infection that could correspond to symptoms of COVID-19 is not allowed to enter UVMP premises and facilities.
  10. Upon entering the UVMP facilities, everyone is obliged to disinfect their hands and to observe current measures regarding the coverage of the upper airways with the FFP2 respirator.
  11. During classes and breaks, it is necessary to ensure frequent ventilation, thorough cleaning of all rooms and increased frequency of cleaning.
  12. In the rest areas designed for students in pavilions P-35 and P-34 under OTP regime and in pavilion P-13 under vaccinated regime, it is allowed to stay only for the necessary time and in compliance with all current regulations.
  13. 13. Accommodation in UVMP Student Dormitories is governed by current measures of the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic. Accommodated can be students who have been allocated accommodation and meet the conditions of OTP regime. Provider of accommodation is entitled to require persons entering the Student Dormitories to submit an appropriate document that proves any of the facts under OTP regime.
  14. Entry and movement in the premises of Student Dormitories is only allowed to persons with the coverage of the upper airways with the FFP2 respirator.
  15. .Gathering of students in Student Dormitories is prohibited. It is not allowed to meet in the rooms, clubhouses, study rooms, corridors, lobbies, etc.
  16. In the premises and buildings of the Student Dormitories, it is obligatory to observe the DMD (disinfection-mask-distance) rule, the hygienic regime and the regular ventilation of rooms.
  17. Visits to Student Dormitories are prohibited.
  18. Opening hours are governed by the Dormitory Rules of the Student Dormitories, but may be changed according to the current epidemiological situation.
  19. Students who violate the regulations of the Student Dormitories will have their accommodation cancelled immediately.
  20. Students and employees are obliged to immediately inform the university by email through the Department of Security and Crisis Management – Ing. Eva Ráczová (employees and students) by e-mail to eva.raczova@uvlf.sk, and in the copy the Study Office (students only) by e-mail to zas@uvlf.sk about suspicion or confirmation of a COVID-19 disease.
  21. In the case of ordered quarantine, students and employees are also required to complete an electronic quarantine report on the university’s website in the COVID-19 tab (ELECTRONIC REPORT OF STUDENT QUARANTINE).

The University reserves the right to make changes in the published instructions according to the current development of the epidemiological situation of COVID-19 and the guidelines of the Chief Hygienist of the Slovak Republic and the Government of the Slovak Republic.

Prof. Jana Mojžišová, DVM, PhD, Dr. h. c., Rector