We know the winner of the contest for the slogan!

25.02.2019   News

On the occasion of its 70th founding anniversary, the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice announced a competition for the creation of a promotional slogan that will outlined the uniqueness, tradition and mission of the university in the years to come. 38 authors challenged this difficult task. In two weeks authors created 100 beautiful and original slogans in both Slovak and English language. The selection of the winner was very challenging due to the creativity of all the contestants. After careful consideration of all requirements, a tremendous, unique and representative slogan was chosen. The winning slogan was created by MVDr. Lýdia Mesarčová, PhD., as amended by:

  Far and wide the only ones securing health of land and animals

We thank to all involved authors our for their creativity and devoted time. We congratulate to the winners and we believe that this slogan will further expand the information about the work, achievements and goals of UVLF in Košice as well as in the academic circles and also in the wide Slovak and foreign public.