Summer School 2022

Objectives and Content

The Content of Summer School
is to teach the course participants, in the form of lectures and practical exercises on specimens and living cows and horses to understand anatomy and biomechanics of claws and hooves, practical fixation and manipulation dairy cows and sport horses, regular claw and hoof trim, detailed physical examination of the claws and hooves, management of most frequent claw diseases and solution of basic pathological problems in the hooves.

At the end of the course, the students will test their knowledge and skills in the form of a written test.

For successful completion of the course, students receive three ECTS credits and a certificate of attendance.

The participants are welcome to evaluate the course by means of course satisfaction questionnaire.

Objectives of Summer School

  1. to provide the participants of the Summer School with basic theoretical and practical knowledge about claw diseases in dairy cows, which contribute significantly to their poor welfare on dairy farms. Teach and practice claw trimming and management of the most common pahological conditions of the claw and digits in dairy cows.
  2. to teach the course participants to understand hoof and claw anatomy and biomechanics, including the mechanism and management of basic pathological conditions of hooves, teach basic trimming of hooves and principles of farriery practice.