Organisation structure

Department of Pharmacy and Social Pharmacy

Diploma theses


  • Medicines pricing in European Union
  • Crohn's disease and possibilities of its treatment
  • Dispensing of drugs used in selected disorders of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Electronic prescription in pharmaceutical practice
  • Morbus Fabry and treatment options in Slovakia
  • Drug interactions
  • Clinical interactions fruits of plants of the genus Citrus L. with drugs
  • Quality of life and its measuring in clinical practice
  • Management of severe asthma
  • Management of severe COPD by fix triple combination of drugs
  • Patient organizations and their role in healthcare
  • Peyment mechanisms in healthcare
  • Risk of pharmacotherapy in geriatrics
  • Ways of funding the pharmaceutical care system

  • Biologic therapy of rheumatic inflammatory diseases in clinical practice
  • Patient Compliance
  • Dispensing of veterinary parasiticides in pharmacist´s practice
  • Dispensing of selected veterinary drugs and preparations
  • Access to Drugs for Orphan Diseases
  • Prescription forgery and possibilities of its restriction
  • Histamine intolerance and possibilities of its treatment
  • Internet Pharmacy and self-service zones in pharmacy
  • Clinical relevance of drug interactions
  • Medicines in the environment
  • Management of severe COPD by combination therapy
  • Personal Management in Pharmacy
  • Multiple sclerosis and possibilities of its treatment
  • Over the counter products used for dry eye syndrome in pharmacy practice
  • Efficiency analysis of the health technology assessment in Slovakia from budget impact perspective on public health insurance resources
  • Analysis of health technology assessment effectiveness in Slovakia from budget impact perspective on public health funding of highly innovative drugs
  • Enzyme replacement therapy of alphamanosidosis, rapid health technology assessment
  • Pharmacovigilance, theory and practice in Slovak healthcare and pharmacy
  • Gastroesophageal reflux in children
  • Health Technology Assessment, theory and reality in Slovakia
  • Drugs compounding in Slovak republic
  • Inhaled corticosteroids in treating bronchial asthma
  • Interaction of drugs increasing the risk of prolongation of QT interval
  • Clinical utilization of probiotics in preventing and treating gastrointestinal disorders
  • Legislative, organizational, material and technical, personal and economic conditions for establishing and operating the public pharmacy in Slovakia and selected EU countries
  • Interactions of proton inhibitors
  • Marketing communication in public pharmacy
  • Oral microflora modification by products used in pharmacy
  • Problems of prescription and dispensing of veterinary medicines in pharmacy practice
  • Advantages of transdermal forms of hormone replacement therapy
  • Analysis of the reimbursement mechanismes effectiveness in asthma treatment
  • Analysis of the pharmaceutical industry e-marketing
  • Analysis of pharmacological asthma treatment in Slovak population
  • Analysis of the COPD treatment in Slovak population
  • Physiological and health effects of plant phytoestrogens
  • Health Technology Assessment in Europe and Slovakia
  • Holoclar - the first registered stem cells therapy in EU
  • Treatment and risks associated with therapy Hodgkin's disease and non - Hodgkin's lymphoma
  • Orphan drugs
  • Food contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels used in pharmaceutical practice
  • Attitudes and interests of pharmacists regarding professional autonomy
  • Continuing education of pharmacists in Slovak republic
  • Effects of Lactobacillus reuteri and its use in pharmaceutical practice
  • Nutritional supplements containing probiotics potential useful by allergic rhinitis
  • Anticholinergic effect of drugs in elderly patients
  • EU Cross-border healthcare Directive and its impact on pharmacy and pharmaceutics
  • The dispensing algorithms
  • Ethics in pharmaceutics and pharmacy
  • Hormonal treatment of menstrual cycle disorders and risks of this treatment
  • Immunotherapy of allergic diseases using probiotics and their utilization in pharmaceutical practice
  • Pharmacy compounding in community pharmacy practice in Slovak republic
  • Dispensing Drugs and Medical Supply via Internet
  • Classification and use of dietetics in therapeutic practice
  • Asthma treatment in adults
  • Treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Adults
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Marketing within the Context of Slovak republic Legislation
  • Adverse drug reaction specific to childhood
  • Orphan Drugs in the treatment of rare diseases
  • OTC medicines: The risk of drug interactions
  • Veterinary probiotics in pharmaceutical practice
  • Advertising impact on patients decision-making
  • Pharmacist´s prick of conscience
  • The use of antidotes in overdoses and poisoning with medicaments
  • The use of medicinal oxygen in therapeutic practice
  • The development of medicines for human use prescribing legislation in Slovak republic
  • Acute infections of the upper respiratory tract (J00-J06) childhood
  • Acute diseases of the urinary system, a children's age (N10, N30)
  • Asthma in childhood, diagnostics and treatment
  • Epilepsy in childhood, diagnostics and treatment
  • Gene therapy, individual - personalized pharmacological interventions
  • Other acute infections of the lower respiratory tract (J20-J22) childhood
  • Prevention and treatment of gynecological inflammations using probiotics and their utilisation in pharmaceutical practice
  • Cervical cancer in women and its prevention
  • Group B-medical devices for incontinence, urine retention
  • Group F-medical devices for patients with stomia
  • Group L-Carts and carriages, mobile handcart, jacks, a special bed and accessories to them sick
  • The impact of food and fluid on the occurrence of adverse effects of medicinal products
  • Selected marketing methods in the pharmaceutical practice
  • Pharmacotherapy of alopecia (L60-L66.9) and its risks
  • Pharmacotherapy of bacterial pneumonia (J13 - J15)
  • Pharmacotherapy of bacterial diseases in children (A36, A37, A38, A39)
  • Pharmacotherapy of viral diseases in children (B01, B03, B04, B05 a B06)
  • Pharmacotherapy of inner ear (H80-H83) and its risks
  • Pharmacotherapy of epilepsy
  • Hypericum perforatum effect, pharmacokinetics
  • Options of pharmacotherapy in colorectal cancer
  • Options of using probiotics during antibiotic treatment
  • Options of using nutritional supplements for arthropathy
  • Nutritional supplements for diabetics
  • Nutritional supplements containing probiotics and their use in pharmacy practice