The teaching process - online

The teaching process - online

To all students,

we would like to inform you that from October 17, 2023 until November 3, 2023 (at the latest), the teaching process will be held in an online form due to technical problems with heating at the university.

Teaching process will take place via MS Teams according to the valid timetable.

In case the subject guarantors are interested in joining teaching of several study groups into one, this combination must not affect the teaching of other subjects and resulting changes in the timetable can be made only after mutual agreement of other subject guarantors.

Block teaching process of students of the 6th year GVM, including state exams, will take place in an attendance (in person) form according to the valid schedule of the block teaching process and the schedule of the state exams.

Thank you for understanding.

Best regards
Martin Tomko, DVM, PhD
Vice-Rector for Education