Live4now - for animals to South Africa

03.10.2021   News for students

Live4now Wild Vets jis a specialized program for veterinarians for people who are associated in the field of veterinary sciences and would like to gain practical experience with domestic and wild animals in South Africa under the supervision of veterinarians.

Live4now was founded in 2012. It was founded by Elton and Melissa du Plooy, who were born and educated in South Africa. They share a common passion for the wilderness and show guests their beautiful landscape. That's how Live4now was created.

Here you will find more information about current job opportunities for Live4now Wild Vets.

2022 Wild Vets Information booklet (Euro)

2022 Wild Vets - Full programme Itinerary brochure

2022 Wild Vets - 2 week programme Itinerary