Announcement of Student Dormitories – Registration and arrival for accommodation in UVMP Student Dormitories

Information for students – registration and arrival for accommodation in UVMP Student Dormitories in the academic year 2021/2022

Registration and arrival of students for accommodation in UVMP Student Dormitories (hereinafter referred to as “SD” or “UVMP SD”) will take place according to the following instructions:

  • Upon entering the building, each student disinfects his/her hands with a disinfectant solution at the designated place at the entrance.
  • Student enters the building with face protection – a face mask or respirator FFP2.
  • Face mask is used during the entire time of registration for accommodation, student is obliged to keep a distance of 2 m.
  • Registration for accommodation and the actual accommodation will follow the OTP protocol in line with valid COVID automaton and measures of the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic.

1. Upon arrival at UVMP SD, student picks up the required forms for accommodation registration in a room at SD 11 (yellow building), the lounge on the ground floor, and at the same time the student fills out the forms.

Maximum number of students to register for accommodation at the same time is 5 students.

Forms to be completed and signed:

  1. Accommodation contract 3x
  2. Dormitory Rules for new students 1x
  3. Room inventory card 1x
  4. Declaration 1x
  5. Fire and safety regulations 1x
  6. Record of taking over the room 1x

Forms to be brought to registration for accommodation, completed and signed (forms are available at the university website):

  • health questionnaire for students (printed hard copy) 1 x

2. With the completed forms, student comes to register for accommodation to Mrs. D. Jacková, Ing., at the SD Secretariat, on the ground floor at the SD 11 building. Student will be subsequently registered for accommodation in AIS as well.

3. After registration with Mrs. D. Jacková, Ing., student goes to housekeeper, Mrs. A. Bučková, at the ground floor of SD 11, where the student picks up the room key.

  • Upon entering the SD, student is obliged to get familiar with the Dormitory Rules and observe the rules during the entire stay in the SD.
  • The interests of students are represented by the Student Council, students can turn to its representatives throughout the year with suggestions and proposals concerning accommodation in the UVMP SD.
  • In serious cases, the student can contact the SD Secretariat by e-mail or in person.
  • Routine operational requirements are communicated personally by the student to the housekeeper of the dormitory where he/she is accommodated.
  • Faults and damages are recorded by the student to the maintenance book at the SD reception.
  • When using the lift, the student is obliged to observe the transport capacity of the lift and the instructions for use.
  • In connection with the situation of COVID-19 pandemic, visits to the SD are cancelled until further notice.
  • Every student who will use the parking lot of the UVMP SD is obliged to report the car license plate and telephone contact to the SD Secretariat.
  • Interest clubs at the SD – students register for activities in clubs through the club’s guarantors.
  • Students are not allowed to move furniture in the rooms.
  • Students take care of the refrigerators assigned to the rooms, defrosting them regularly.
  • Bed linen is changed by the housekeeper, twice a month (students can use their own bed linen).
  • Student is obliged to make timely payment for accommodation and services in the SD.
  • Students have at their disposal the use of washing machines at the SD, for a fee, through the reception.
  • To connect a PC to the internet in a room at the SD, it is necessary to contact the IT Department of the UVMP in Košice.
  • In SD it is strictly forbidden to: smoke, consume and bring alcohol, keep animals (more in the Dormitory Rules).

Registration for accommodation in ŠD UVLF is in the following terms:

  • Students of the 1st year and 6th year studying in Slovak language and students of all years studying in English language:
    from September 2 to September 21, 2021
  • Students of other years studying in Slovak language:
    from September 3 to September 21, 2021

Student registration and arrival for accommodation is possible from 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. only on work days.

Jaroslav Hochmann, Mgr.
Director of UVMP SD