The student scientific conference has only two sections due to the pandemic. But the tradition is preserved

28.04.2021   News

The 63rd Student Scientific Conference took place at the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice on Wednesday, April 28, 2021. He was online. Due to the pandemic, students were unable to devote themselves fully to scientific work throughout the academic year. There was a lack of practical activity in laboratories and clinics. Therefore, only 22 students with works from various fields applied to the current year of Student Scientific Conference. In the past, five sections were opened (pharmaceutical, pre-clinical, clinical, food and environmental hygiene and bachelor's degree), two this year: a multidisciplinary section and a clinical section.

The best works in each section will receive the rector's prizes (1st place 200 euros, 2nd place 150 euros, 3rd place 100 euros) and valuable material prizes (vouchers for the purchase of professional literature). The conference languages ​​are Slovak and English. Presentations are in two sections on separate channels in Microsoft Teams.

"The coronavirus significantly influenced the current year of the ŠVOČ Student Scientific Conference. Fewer students applied. Students had a problem mainly with the practical part, they lacked results from laboratory and clinical practice. Those students who applied showed a real interest in professional issues. Until the last moment, they were looking for test results. The interest of trainers was also important, without whom they would not be able to proceed with the work. Work is less, but we tried to maintain continuity and prepared the conference in online form this year as well, " said the guarantor of the conference, Assoc. Prof. DVM Marián Prokeš, PhD.

Here you will find the conference program and an abstract of the submitted works.

Jury multidisciplinary section: Assoc. Prof. DVM Ivona Kožárová, PhD. (chairwoman), Assoc. Prof. DVM Zuzana Kostecká, PhD., Assoc. Prof. DVM Eva Čonková, PhD. and Assoc. Prof. DVM,Peter Lazár, PhD.

Jury clinical section: Assoc. Prof. DVM Oskar Nagy, PhD. (chairman), Assoc. Prof. DVM Ján Bílek, PhD., DVM Tatiana Weissová, PhD. and DVM Mária Kuricová, PhD.

A collection of works will also be published from the 63rd year of the Student Scientific Conference.