Visit of Professor Gad Baneth at the UVMP in Košice

Academic community of the UVMP in Košice had an honour to accept at the university campus expert in veterinary parasitology and infectious diseases from Israel.

On November 6th – 7th 2018, prof. Gad Baneth, DVM, PhD., Dipl. ECVCP, director of the Koret School of Veterinary Medicine at the Hebrew University in Israel, the author of more than 240 scientific publications and the vice president of the LeishVet group for standardization of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of leishmaniosis, visited the UVMP in Košice.

Research of professor Baneth focuses on the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of veterinary and zoonotic vector-borne infectious diseases including leishmaniosis, relapsing fever borreliosis, canine ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, hepatozoonosis, trypanosomiasis and dirofilariasis.

After an official welcome by UVMP management at the Rectorate, professor Baneth and Vice-rector for foreign studies M. Tomko, DVM, PhD. had several meetings with university professionals whose scientific areas are related to parasitology.

Assoc. prof. M. Bhide, DVM, PhD. from the Institute of Microbiology and Gnotobiology presented to professor Baneth premises of the institute as well as a new laboratory. Professor also took part at scientific presentations at the Institute of Parasitology and the Institute of Biology, Zoology and Radiobiology.

Later Professor Baneth visited Center of Clinical Skills, Small Animal Clinic, Clinic of Birds, Exotic and Free Living Animals and the last but not least the new University Veterinary Hospital.

As a part of the program, professor Baneth presented a lecture on “Canine leishmaniosis – update on the pathogenesis, treatment and prevention”. The lecture created a very high interest not only from the side of students but also from scientific researchers working outside of the UVMP.

As a promise of future collaboration between the UVMP in Košice and Koret School of Veterinary Medicine at the Hebrew University in Israel, the Memorandum of Understanding between these two institutions was signed.