Conditions of entry into the Slovak Republic, valid from September 1ˢᵗ 2020

  1. First of all, check whether countries you are arriving from or you have visited in the last 14 days are on the list of green (low risk) countries in the Slovak Republic or not
  • current list of green (low risk) countries in the Slovak Republic is announced on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic https://www.mzv.sk/web/en/covid-19 and will be regularly updated depending on the development of the epidemiological situation
  1. When considering obligation to remain in quarantine, the country of origin (the country you are originally coming from) and countries you have visited for considerable amount of time apply
  • red (high risk) countries you have visited only for the purpose of transit are not taken into account only if you have passed through them in as shortest time as possible, stopping only for refuelling or other justifiable reason
  1. If you are arriving from and visited only countries considered as green (low risk) countries, no restrictions and measures apply and you may proceed with par. 6. You are obliged to monitor your health, the health of people living in the same household and other close people with whom you are in frequent contact, and in case of symptoms, contact your doctor immediately
  2. If you are arriving from or visited countries considered as red (high risk) countries you are obliged to proceed as follows:
  • Arrange a place for yourself to spend the mandatory quarantine (home-isolation) during the necessary period: a hotel or other accommodation facility, Airbnb, rented flat, etc.
  • UVMP Dormitories are not suitable for the purpose of quarantine (home-isolation), you may arrive and register for accommodation at the dormitories only if you have already spent the quarantine and received a negative result of PCR test for COVID-19 elsewhere in Slovak Republic
  • Register your arrival in the Slovak Republic online at https://korona.gov.sk/en/ehranica/
  • Bring with you a result of a negative test (confirmation of the negative test in Slovak or English language) of RT-PCR for COVID-19 disease not older than 96 hours upon entering the Slovak Republic
  • Prepare for the travel:
  • wear a face mask even when transferring through the airport, not only on the plane
  • if you are picked up by a car to the airport or station, not only you but also the driver of this car must wear a face mask; disinfect your hands before getting in the car; recommended is to have the windows ajar along the way
  • if you travel to the chosen place of your stay by public transport, wear a face mask at all times and keep as far away from other people as possible
  • choose the shortest and fastest way to the place where you will be spending the quarantine (home-isolation)
  • Upon arrival at the place of your stay, immediately contact Regional Public Health Care Authority of the Slovak Republic by telephone or e-mail and report your name, surname, date of birth, country you have arrived from, date of arrival in Slovak Republic, permanent address, exact address where you are spending the quarantine, telephone number and result of a negative test you brought with you
  • contacts of the Regional Public Health Care Authority in Košice are: +421 918 389 841, +421 910 747 531, +421 902 187 390 and koronavirus@ruvzke.sk or epi@ruvzke.sk
  • Wait for further instructions of Regional Public Health Care Authority, which will arrange for your testing for COVID-19 disease no earlier than on the fifth day after your arrival in the Slovak Republic
  • After the test result, you will either receive confirmation about the negativity and the quarantine (home-isolation) ends, or, in the case of a positive test result, Regional Public Health Care Authority will contact you and inform you exactly how to proceed
  • You have to remain in quarantine (home-isolation) the whole time since your arrival in the Slovak Republic until you receive a negative result of a test for COVID-19 disease according to par. 4.6 and 4.7
  • persons who are staying/living in the same place where you are spending the quarantine have to remain in the quarantine (home-isolation) with you as well
  • Practical information about the quarantine (home isolation):
  • do not leave the place you are staying in during the quarantine, limit contacts with others and do not accept visits
  • organize your purchases with the help of friends and ask them to leave the purchases at your door or in another designated place, or use the service of food delivery
  • follow the basic preventive measures which include thorough hand washing with disinfectant soap and frequent, sudden ventilation of rooms; disinfect handles, surfaces and objects that you normally use more often; use disposable paper and wet wipes
  • if more than one person is staying in the place of quarantine, each should have their own towel, plate, glasses or cutlery; each should use a separate room and minimize contacts with others
  • in case of an apartment building, it is possible to respect the necessary and short leaving of the premises to throw out the trash, take over the purchase, take the dog out, etc.), of course, with the need for face mask, social distance and disinfection of hands before leaving the apartment
  • it is also essential not to stay unnecessarily in the common areas of the apartment building, not to use the elevator
  • there must be a relevant reason for leaving the apartment building, because if reported, it is questionable to prove that it was necessary to leave the place of isolation
  • Regional Public Health Care Authority will contact you with a test call and instructions, collection at home is performed only in exceptional cases, so it will be necessary to visit the collection point
  • it is recommend to go to the collection point with own car; if the situation allows, it is possible to go to the collection point on foot, of course in compliance with hygienic measures such as wearing a face mask, social distancing from strangers, disinfection of hands before leaving the house/apartment
  • if you do not feel well and suspect that these are symptoms of COVID 19, you should immediately contact your doctor, who will assess the medical condition and determine the next steps
  • Failure to comply with preventive and anti-epidemic measures and violating the obligation to remain in quarantine (home-isolation) constitutes an offence for which the competent Regional Public Health Care Authority shall impose a fine in the amount of up to 1,659 EUR, Police Force and Municipal Police may also impose an on-the-spot fine in the amount of up to 1,000 EUR for not respecting the measures
  • If you have received a negative result of a test for COVID-19 disease according to par. 4.6 and 4.7, you may proceed with par. 5
  1. In line with par. 4 you are not allowed to visit either UVMP campus or UVMP Dormitories until you receive negative test result of RT-PCR for COVID-19 disease in the Slovak Republic.
  2. No sooner than three days before and no later than on the date of your registration or start of your personal attendance of classes, whichever is earlier, fill out the health questionnaire at http://covid-19.uvlf.sk/en/health-questionnaire-for-students. Please be aware that if you have arrived from red (high risk) country, you are obliged to attach to the questionnaire a negative test result of RT-PCR for COVID-19 disease from the Slovak Republic or official decision on termination of your quarantine.
  3. You need to repeat the whole procedure, par. 1 to 6, each time you leave and enter the territory of the Slovak Republic from abroad.
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