Information for students with specific needs

General information

As a student with specific needs is considered a student with:

  • sensory, physical and multiple disabilities,
  • chronic disease,
  • health impairment,
  • mental illness,
  • autism or other pervasive developmental disorders,
  • learning disabilities.

Application to the Evidence of students with specific needs:

  1. Student with specific needs submits to the Office for foreign studies Application for registration in the Evidence of students with specific needs.
  2. Student with specific needs also submits for evaluation purposes of their specific needs and the scope of support services for study the following:
    1. a medical certificate not older than three months (medical findings, disease and disability progress report or medical certificate or other medical report);
    2. standpoint of a psychologist, a speech therapist, a school psychologist, a school speech therapist or a special pedagogue.
  3. Students with specific needs who agree with the assessment of their own specific needs, have, according to the extent and type of the specific need, entitlement for the support services, in particular:
    1. securing the possibility of using specific learning resources,
    2. individual learning approaches, especially individual lessons for specific subjects for students with sensory disabilities,
    3. special conditions for carrying out study duties without lowering requirements for study performance,
    4. individual approach of  university teachers,
    5. exemption from the tuition fee in justified cases when it comes to study longer than the standard length of the relevant study programme.
  4. Student who has already been registered in the Evidence of students with specific needs at UVMP in Košice, can if necessary, request a review of the support services provided.

More detailed information about support services for students with the specific needs can be provided in the Office for foreign studies.