Interest clubs

Falconry and Raptor Rehabilitation Club

The club is located inside university beside the Clinic of birds, exotic and wildlife. This close location alove them regularly attend activities in the clinic. They are actively helping to technicians with a care and feeding of hospitalized wildlife causalities. This activity is direct help and participation of students to run wildlife rehabilitation station located in the university.

The club has allocated outdoor aviaries where the birds of prey for falconry and demonstration purposes are kept. The club is organizing meetings, workshops, presentations during different university celebrations and also cooperating with kindergartens, basic schools where the falconry demonstrations attracting attentions towards the education and study in the university.

Club has active Facebook page and website page where public and rest of the students are informed about their activities. Students every year attending international falconry meetings, collecting data and presenting clinical findings in different publications. Students are acquiring clinical practice and experience with work with large variety of wildlife species.