Celebration of the World Falconry Day

Celebration of the World Falconry Day

16.11.2018   Main Events

'World Falconry Day celebrates the tradition, art, culture and heritage of falconry which has been practised around the world for over 4000 years. This years theme is 'Women Falconers...Wings for Falconry'. Women have played an important role in the history of falconry from Mary Queen of Scots hunting skylarks with merlins along Hadrian's Wall in England (1542-1587) to Queen Sofie Amalie of Denmark and Norway with her love for white Gyr falcons (1647-1717). This is our opportunity to celebrate them.

 The Falconry and Rehabilitation Club will be holding a celebration of the "World Falconry Day" on November 16th 2018 in P17 (Pharmacy Building) from 11:00 until 14:00. We look forward to seeing you there.