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The Scientific Board of UVMP in Košice is the highest professional academic body of UVMP in Košice whose remit is laid down by the Higher Education Act and the internal guidelines of UVMP in Košice. The competence of the Scientific Board of the UVMP is determined by Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on Higher Education and on Amendments to Certain Laws, as amended by later regulations and by the internal regulations of UVMP in Košice.

The members of the Scientific Board are appointed for a four-year term of office, which starts on the day of the approval by the AS of UVMP. This applies also to those members of the Scientific Board who have been co-opted onto the Board after the start of the four-year term of office (i.e. the term of office of such Board members shall end on the expiry of the four-year appointment period of the Scientific Board acting as a collegial body).

The members of the Scientific Board are UVMP professors and associate professors, renowned scientists in the field of veterinary science, pharmacy and related sciences in different research areas, and leading veterinary practitioners and pharmacists (state administration, research, other professional veterinary activities).

Scientific Board of the UVMP in Košice

Members of the Academic Community of UVMP in Košice
Prof. Jana Mojžišová, DVM., Ph.D., Dr. h. c.
chairwoman, rector
Assoc. Prof. Mangesh Bhide, DVM., Ph.D.
head of Laboratory of Biomedical Microbiology and Immunology
Prof. Viera Cigánková, DVM., Ph.D.
head of Institute of Histology and Embryology
Prof. Ján Danko, DVM., Ph.D.
head of Department of Anatomy, Histology and Physiology
Prof. Ján Dianovský, DVM., Ph.D.
professor at Institute of Genetics
Prof. Zita Faixová, DVM., Ph.D.
vice-rector for Education and Study Affairs
Assoc. Prof. Peter Korim, DVM., Ph.D.
head of Department of the Environment, Veterinary Legislation and Economy
Prof. Valent Ledecký, DVM., Ph.D.
professor at Small Animal Clinic
Prof. Jaroslav Legáth, DVM., CSc.
head of Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Prof. Mária Goldová, DVM., Ph.D.
professor at Department of Epizootiology and Parasitology
Prof. Pavol Mudroň, DVM., Ph.D., Dip. ECMBH
head of Clinic of Ruminants
Prof. Jozef Nagy, DVM., Ph.D.
vice-rector for University Development and Quality Assurance
Assoc. Prof. Oskar Nagy, DVM., Ph.D.
vice-rector for Clinical Activities
Prof. Juraj Pistl, DVM., Ph.D.
vice-rector for Research Activities and Foreign Contacts
Prof. Peter Reichel, DVM., Ph.D.
head of Clinic of Swine
Prof. Zuzana Ševčíková, DVM., Ph.D.
head of Department of Pathological Anatomy and Pathological Physiology
Martin Tomko, DVM., Ph.D.
vice-rector for Foreign Studies
Prof. Peter Turek, DVM., Ph.D.
head of Department of Food Hygiene and Technology
Prof. Vladimír Vajda, DVM., Ph.D.
professor at Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Animal Breeding
Prof. Igor Valocký, DVM., Ph.D.
head of Clinic of Horses
Prof. Štefan Vilček, Dipl.-Ing., Dr.S.
professor at Department of Epizootiology and Parasitology
Non-members of the academic community of UVMP in Košice
Prof. Peter Bielik, Dipl.-Ing., Dr.S., Dr. h. c.
Slovak Agrarian University in Nitra
Prof. Jozef Bíreš, DVM., Dr.S.
central director, SVFA SR
Prof. Jozef Csöllei, M.A., CSc.
Pharmaceutical Faculty, VPU in Brno
Prof. Štefan Faix, DVM., Dr.S.
director, Institute of animal physiology, Slovak Academy of Science, Košice
Prof. Rudolf Kropil, Dipl.-Ing., CSc.
rector, Technical University in Zvolene
Prof. Ján Kyselovič, Pharm.D., Ph.D.
Faculty of Pharmacy, Commenius University, Bratislava
Prof. Michal Novák, DVM., DrSc., Dr. h. c.
director, Neuroimunological Institute, Slovak Academy of Science, Bratislava
Prof. Pavel Suchý, DVM., Dipl.-Ing., CSc.
VPU in Brno
Ondrej Sukeľ, Pharm.D.
president, Slovak Pharmacy Chamber, Bratislava