Organisation structure

Department of Morphological Disciplines

Characteristics of the department

Department of Anatomy, Histology and Physiology is educational and scientific research facility. It provides study of compulsory and elective subjects for study programme presented for each institute separately. The scientific research activity of the facility depends on the focus of research of the individual institutes of the department. The department is training facility for postgradual education in study field 6.3.3 – Veterinary morphology and Physiology. It includes institute of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology, Physiology.

Institute of Anatomy

Education in the subject Anatomy is intended for the systematic, topographic and clinical anatomy according to individual types of farm animals (horse, ruminant animals, pigs, carnivores), laboratory animals (mouse, rat, rabbit) and fowl. By taking the course students acquire the basic knowledge as to body segmentation, the motion apparatus and other individual body systems as part of splanchnology, angiology, and neurology. In the case of anatomy education in the subject Basics of anatomy, students of ŠP Farmácia can gain the basic knowledge of the anatomy of man as well as laboratory animals. They also acquire an overview in the fields of osteology, myology, splanchnology, angiology and neurology. Students gain knowledge at individual levels and directions of the human body, areas and topographies of organs.

Institute of Histology and Embryology

The Institute delivers histology and embryology courses within study programmes General veterinary medicine in Slovak and English as well as within study the programme Cynology, in both daily and external forms of study. Research activities of the Institute focus in the long term on the study of structure and ultrastructure of various tissues and organs of animals. Transmission electron microscope is used in these studies. Recently, the Institute is also involved in the study of the influence of various xenobiotics and electromagnetic radiation on the structure of some organs in rats. In collaboration with the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS), university clinical workplaces and veterinary practical establishments, studies of microscopic structure of various organs are conducted at the Institute.

Institute of Physiology

Physiology is one of the basic subjects of medicine, and its task is to give a comprehensive interpretation of the activity of the organism. The main focus of teaching is on regulatory and integrative functions, the management of relationships between the organism and the environment, and between functional systems. The role of physiology is to explain the essence and interrelationship of events in the body, and to lead students to scientific thinking.