Organisation structure

Department of Epizootology and Parasitology

Diploma theses

Institute of Epizootology and Preventive Veterinary Medicine

General veterinary medicine:
  • Monitoring of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in companion animals (Boris Vojtek, DVM, PhD.)
  • Detection of rotaviruses, bovine corona viruses, E.coli-K99 and Cryptosporidium parvum infections in calves with diarrhoea (René Mandelík, DVM, PhD.)
  • Enteric viruses in healthy and diarrheic pigs (prof. Štefan Vilček, Ing., DrSc.)
  • Evaluation of vaccination response against rabies in populations of dogs (Boris Vojtek, DVM, PhD.)
  • Canine infectious respiratory disease complex (Peter Smrčo, DVM, PhD.)
  • Monitoring of vector borne diseases in dogs (Peter Smrčo, DVM, PhD.)
  • The effect of age on vaccination response in dogs (Boris Vojtek, DVM, PhD.)
Joint study programme Animal Science:
  • Elimination of selected infectious diseases in the populations of goats in Norway (Assoc. prof. Anna Ondrejková, DVM, PhD.)
  • Prion diseases and their occurence in Norway (Boris Vojtek, DVM, PhD.)

Institute of Parasitology

General veterinary medicine:
  • Giardiasis in wild and captive animals in Scandinavia (Gabriela Štrkolcová, DVM, PhD.)
  • Spirocercosis in dogs in Israel (Gabriela Štrkolcová, DVM, PhD.)
  • Endoparasites of carnivores kept in captivity (MVDr. Zuzana Hurníková, PhD.)
  • Babezióza psov v okrese Michalovce (Gabriela Štrkolcová, DVM, PhD.)
  • The prevelance of gastrointestinal parasites of game on some game farms in the East London district of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa (Miloš Halán, DVM, PhD.)
  • Prevalence of endoparasites in horses in Østfold, Norway with respect to season and farming practices (Zuzana Hurníková, DVM, PhD.)
  • Endoparasites of small ruminants at the farms in southwest Sweden (Miloš Halán, DVM, PhD.)
  • Prevalence of endoparasites in digestive tract of the pigeons in the Košice city (Miloš Halán, DVM, PhD.)
  • The prevalence of chlamydiosis in pigeons in Košice City (Lenka Čechová, Mgr., PhD.)
  • In vitro efficacy of selected mixture of plants against Haemonchus contortus in experimentally infected sheep (Assoc. prof. Alica Kočišová, DVM, PhD.)
  • A survey on the prevalence of parasites on equines (Equus caballus) in Eastern Slovakia (Assoc. prof. Alica Kočišová, DVM, PhD.)
  • Occurrence of cryptosporidiosis in cattle farms in Norway (prof. Mária Goldová, DVM, PhD.)