Information for students accommodated in the Student Dormitories of UVMP in Košice

  1. Every student studying in Slovak and English languages is obliged to submit a solemn declaration not older than 3 days on the day of his/her registration at the UVMP Dormitories (Annex No. 3 to the Rector's Directive No. 9/2020). The student submits the solemn declaration every time he/she enters the territory of the Slovak Republic from abroad.
  2. Students who have symptoms of COVID-19 or are obliged to remain in quarantine, or have been in contact with a person suspected or confirmed of having COVID-19 disease, do not travel to accommodation at UVMP Dormitories (hereinafter referred to as “SD”). Student arrives at SD from home isolation, only when he/she can prove a negative PCR test result.
  3. Students are obliged to wear a face mask in the interior of the SD, it is not obligatory to wear the face mask in the room where the student is accommodated.
  4. Students are required to disinfect their hands on arrival and departure from the SD. The disinfection stand is located:
    • in front of the turnstiles in SD11 and SD13,
    • before the entrance to the dining room in SD11,
    • in each shared toilet in the dormitory corridor.
  5. Student visits to the SD are prohibited until further notice.
  6. Accommodated students are recommend to minimize travel from the SD home or elsewhere during the academic year 2020/2021 until further notice.
  7. In the washrooms on the respective floors of the SD, students are required to use their own textile or disposable towels after washing and disinfecting their hands.
  8. Disposable paper towels are available in the common areas of the toilets on the ground floor in SD11 and SD13 and at the washbasins in front of the dining room in SD11.
  9. Students are asked to:
    • regularly clean the rooms in which they are accommodated,
    • frequently and intensively ventilate all rooms where they stay,
    • observe hygienic measures,
    • observe a distance of 2 m between students.
  10. Instructions on how to proceed if a student is suspected with COVID-19 disease:
    1. in a case of suspicion of COVID-19 disease accompanied by typical symptoms, the student contacts:
      • his/her doctor,
      • or the Regional Public Health Care Authority of the Slovak Republic in Košice (contacts to the Regional Public Health Care Authority in Košice are + 421 918 389 841, + 421 910 747 531, + 421 902 187 390 and koronavirus@ruvzke.sk or epi@ruvzke.sk) on working days from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.,
      • or, after working hours, the emergency services on phone number 155,
      • and Management of SD Jaroslav Hochmann, Mgr., by e-mail to jaroslav.hochmann@uvlf.sk.
    2. if the doctor or Regional Public Health Care Authority of the Slovak Republic confirm the suspicion of COVID-19, recommend a quarantine or order PCR testing, the student:
      • follows the instructions of a doctor and/or the Regional Public Health Care Authority,
      • contacts the UVMP Safety and Crisis Management Department Eva Ráczová, Ing., by e-mail to eva.raczova@uvlf.sk,
      • announces this fact to the acting employee at the SD reception and the student will be placed in the isolation room at SD13.
  11. Failure to comply with epidemiological measures and recommendations may, within the framework of sanctions, lead to the exclusion of the student from accommodation in SD.

Students can get answers to questions related to COVID-19 at: www.korona.gov.sk/en

In Košice, August 28th 2020