University Management

Rector Phone E-mail Web
Mojžišová Jana, Prof. DVM, PhD., Dr. h. c. +421552981112 jana.mojzisova@uvlf.sk -
Vice-rector for Education and Study Affairs Phone E-mail Web
Faixová Zita, Prof. DVM, PhD. +421915984704 zita.faixova@uvlf.sk -
Vice-rector for Research Activities and Foreign Contacts Phone E-mail Web
Pistl Juraj, Prof. DVM, PhD. +421915984588 juraj.pistl@uvlf.sk
Vice-rector for University Development and Quality Assurance Phone E-mail Web
Nagy Jozef, Prof. DVM, PhD. +421915984010 jozef.nagy@uvlf.sk -
Vice-rector for Foreign Studies Phone E-mail Web
Tomko Martin, DVM, PhD. +421918413553 martin.tomko@uvlf.sk -
Vice-rector for Clinical Activities Phone E-mail Web
Nagy Oskar, Assoc. Prof. DVM, PhD. Dip. ECBHM +421915986695 oskar.nagy@uvlf.sk -
Bursar Phone E-mail Web
Schréter Róbert, Ing., PhD. +421915995006 robert.schreter@uvlf.sk -