Settings of UVLF-NET WiFi and eduroam

Since the beginning of academic year 2014/2015 process of registration of devices to student network UVLF-NET has changed. Student must use the registration form. In the registration form it is necessary to fill in all the empty spaces in upper “Applicant” part and fill in all necessary information (e.g. MAC address) related to at least one device in lower “Devices” part.

In order to be connected to the university network, student brings the filled in and signed form with his/her devices to the IT Department (building No.5) or puts filled in and signed form into IT Department mail box (No. 10) opposite UVMP Registry office in Pavilion No.9. After registration, access to the UVLF-NET will be sent to the e-mail stated in the registration form. A student must enter access data on a Windows operating system into a profile he creates.

Students can register their devices at the IT Department during office hours personally. In this case, students must bring the devices he /she wants to register and one identification document (residence card or passport).

Access to the eduroam network uses the same login as the UVLF-NET. Eduroam allows students to connect to wifi networks at other universities and colleges using their home login and password. Students can connect their devices at other universities in Slovakia and abroad without requiring registration in the host organization. Eduroam is available in thousands of locations in over 70 countries in the world, mostly in academic institutions. Just find out if the college or university you are currently in has access to the eduroam network.