Organisation structure

Applied Research Centre


The Applied Research Centre of the University Veterinary Hospital (UVH) at the University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice (hereinafter referred to as CAV, /English CAR/) is a scientific and research centre established to institutionalize the cooperation of the university and its partners in the field of science and research, state, economic and business sphere in Slovakia and abroad with the aim of complex implementation of applied research and the transfer of new knowledge into economic and social practice, as well as for the general public.

The ARC will strive to make use, in particular, of EU grant schemes and financial resources (in particular the Structural Funds and Horizon 2020 as well as others), the financial resources of national agencies, private capital and other extra-budgetary financial resources.

The ARC is an organizational part of the Medical University Scientific Park in Košice (Medipark). Its activities are mainly focused on applied research to solve current problems of veterinary, agricultural, medical, environmental and related social practice, to educate in the 3rd level of higher education and to mediate the rapid transfer of acquired knowledge into economic, business and social practice.

The ARC uses the UVH and UVMP infrastructure in collaboration with the heads of clinics and departments as well as the UVMP partners on the basis of partnership agreement for their scientific research activities.

The organizational structure of ARC is formed by ARC leader, scientists and technicians, PhD students and post-PhD students.