Announcement of Student Dormitories – Principles of security measures

For students accommodated in UVMP Student Dormitories, I set the following principles of security measures resulting from the Rector's Directive No. 8/2021

Registration for accommodation of students at UVMP Student Dormitories is governed by the measures of the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic published in Decree No. 241, which entered into force on August 16th 2021.

  1. Only students who have been allocated accommodation and who are meeting the OTP protocol (vaccination – testing – overcoming the disease) can be accommodated.
    1. Vaccinated persons (O):
      a) a person at least 14 days after administration of the second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine with a double-dose scheme,
      b) a person at least 21 days after administration of the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine with a single-dose scheme,
      c) a person at least 14 days after administration of the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, if the first dose was given within 180 days of overcoming COVID-19
    2. Tested persons (T):
      A person who is required to demonstrate a negative result of a COVID-19 test, not older than 72 hours (from sample collection) in case of RT-PCR or LAMP test, or not older than 48 hours (from sample collection) in case of antigen test.
    3. Persons after overcoming COVID-19 (P):
      Persons who overcame COVID-19 within last 180 days.
      After expiry of the 180-day period, such person is subject to the obligation to present a negative result of a COVID-19 test in accordance with the currently valid regulations.
  2. When making changes in the list of students with allocated accommodation, we prefer vaccinated students.
  3. Entrance to the UVMP Student Dormitories, Cesta pod Hradovou No. 11, 13 in Košice, is allowed exclusively to persons complying with the OTP protocol (according to par. I., II., III.).
  4. Provider of accommodation is entitled to request from persons entering the UVMP Student Dormitories a submission of the relevant document, which proves any of the facts according to par. I., II., III.
  5. Entrance to the building is allowed to students and all persons with covered upper airway (face mask, respirator FFP2) according to the current regulation.
  6. Upon entering the Student Dormitories building, students and other persons are obliged to disinfect their hands and to observe all valid pandemic measures at a given time.
  7. The gathering of students in Student Dormitories is prohibited. It is not allowed to meet in rooms, clubhouses, study rooms, corridors, lobbies, etc.
  8. The maximum number of students in a room is 2 people accommodated in a double room or 3 people in a triple room.
  9. Visits to Student Dormitories are prohibited.
  10. Students are required to:
    a) observe the DFD rule (D – disinfection and thorough washing of hands; F – face mask, covering upper airways; D – distance, keeping a distance between persons of 2 m), wearing a face mask in the assigned room is not obligatory,
    b) follow current information on the website www.korona.gov.sk and on the university’s website,
    c) regularly ventilate the rooms in which they reside.
  11. Students who will violate the hygienic regulations, the fulfilment of which is necessary for a permission of accommodation in the UVMP Dormitories, will have their accommodation at the Student Dormitories immediately cancelled.
  12. Curfews are valid according to the Dormitory Rules, but can be changed according to the current pandemic situation.
  13. Students with symptoms of COVID-19 disease should contact their general practitioner and follow his/her instructions.

Students shall immediately inform the university by e-mail or telephone through the Department of Safety and Crisis Management – Eva Ráczová, Ing., to eva.raczova@uvlf.sk and in a copy the Study Office, by e-mail to zas@uvlf.sk, in case of suspicion of COVID-19 and/or confirmation of COVID-19 disease.

Jaroslav Hochmann, Mgr.
Director of UVMP Student Dormitories