Interest clubs

Aqua-Terra Club

ATC is gathering students, which are interested in breeding reptiles and aquarist fish. The club is located inside the student dormitory and it is a regular destination for the University visitors. There are happy to see different exotic animals. Members of the club attending terraristic auctions all over Slovakia. Club members are also co-organizers of the „Veterinary days“ and yearly organising meeting for former club members. These meetings are also combined with lectures of professionals in these field make more interesting and drag the attentions of the young students. These meetings are excellent ways to pass knowledge and experience from the older club member to young ones.

The location of the club directly to the students accommodation is creating opportunity for the active relaxation and combining of free –time activities with the study. Students are also active in European night of researchers project. Club also contributing a lot to the direct education process by the close cooperation with the Clinic of birds and exotic wildlife. They providing different exotic species to direct educations and clinical practices. The animals of the club are often subjects of research projects, diploma thesis and students scientific work presentations.