General admission requirements
  • Full Secondary Education or full specialised secondary education qualification entitling for higher education study, attested by certificate
  • Completion of the first level of higher education studies (i.e. Bachelor degree in Veterinary Sciences or Animal Sciences, Biosciences or related sciences)
  • Bachelor degree certificate not older than 6 years at the time of application
  • Completion of specified subjects during the first level of higher education studies (Biology, Chemistry and Biophysics) – upon approval of the UVMP Management, courses of Chemistry and Biochemistry and/or Biophysics can be completed during the first year of study at UVMP in Košice
  • Documented attainment of 180 ECTS after completion of bachelor degree

Admission of each applicant is at the discretion of Admission Committee.

Information for applicants with unfinished bachelor studies at the time of application
Applicants who have not completed their bachelor studies at the time of application need to e-mail to the Study Office (zas@uvlf.sk) copies of their up to date study records (i.e. academic transcripts, or any other relevant documents). After positive preliminary evaluation of their eligibility to study, these applicants will be conditionally accepted to study at UVMP. After delivery of an official academic transcript confirming completion of all enrolled modules and acquirement of all prescribed credits, the applicants may be registered to study in September. To be fully accepted, students need to submit officially verified and certified copy of bachelor diploma to the Study Office prior to the end of winter semester of the first year of study at the latest.