Specific features of online examination/credit tests in Moodle system

Dear students,

due to misunderstandings in connection with the ongoing online testing and test settings in the Moodle system, we would like to bring to your attention the following facts:

  1. Published video tutorials intended for students are for information purposes only and were intended to get yourself familiar with the basic functionalities of the system.
  2. In the test settings, subject guarantor has the possibility, at his own discretion, to decide and determine among other things:
  • time limit for performing the test and exact timeframe during which student has the opportunity to take the test,
  • order of questions and answers so that it changes for each student taking the test at the same time,
  • number of questions that will be displayed to the student on one page,
  • whether or not student can return to the previous question after moving on to the next one, etc.
  1. Many of the above mentioned specific features of the test from a particular subject can be read directly in the Moodle system and prepared for, but if you have any doubts, it is necessary to consult all the details and conditions for completion of the test with the subject guarantor in advance.

Thank you for understanding and we wish you a successful upcoming examination period.