Information about examination tests for students with specific needs

29.04.2020   News for students

In the context of ongoing online testing, we would like to inform all students to be aware that for individual subjects in the Moodle system, there will be created and made available also tests designed exclusively for students with specific needs.

Such tests are available only to students who have applied for registration in the Evidence of students with specific needs and have been granted support services to the relevant extent.

In case a student, who is not registered as a student with specific needs, unjustifiably enters a test identified as "Test for students with specific needs", it will automatically count as one of his/her terms for completion of the exam and the student will receive a failed evaluation (FX grade).

In case a student with specific needs enters on a given date as first the test intended for students who are not registered as students with specific needs, he/she will be evaluated based on the results of such test, and if the student subsequently enters a test identified as test for students with a specific needs, the new result will not be recognised.