Dormitory notice - Information about reconstruction

07.09.2020   News for students

Dear students,

a long-term reconstruction is ongoing in UVMP Dormitorie, Cesta pod Hradovou 11, to improve student accommodation conditions. During the holidays, the noisiest demolition works were completed (demolition and removal of old water and waste distribution piping).

The work was completed in 208 rooms and as it is an extensive renovation, it was not possible to complete it in full during the absence of students.

There was also a second possibility to close the Dormitories, in which case you would have to provide the accommodation for yourself elsewhere, under different financial conditions.

As we wanted to be kind and we decided to provide you with accommodation under current conditions.

We ask for your understanding, cooperation and helpfulness. We can only do it together.

In SD13, students bore a similar reconstruction of rooms during their accommodation.