Professional (field) experience

Completion of 80 hours under supervision of private veterinary doctors after the 4th and 5th year of study (experience can be obtained also abroad). The experience has to be completed by the end of academic year (i.e. no later than by August 31) and a written, signed and stamped confirmation has to be presented at the registration to the next year of study.

The aim of professional experience is to get acquainted with the organisation and practical work of private veterinary doctors. The students are practising in veterinary surgeries and clinics, performing veterinary duties (preventive, prophylactic and therapeutic actions), keeping evidence of the experience and participating in preventive and medical actions under the supervision of veterinary doctors in agreement with the legislative provisions of the respective country.

Conditions, organisation and acquirement of professional experience are arranged individually by the student of the UVMP.

Clinical experience

Specified number of hours is designated for the student´s clinical experience in the 5th and 6th year of study within the prescribed teaching hours. Clinical experience is organized by clinics of the UVMP and teachers in the chosen clinic.

Conditions, organisation and acquirement of clinical experience are arranged by the respective clinics of the UVMP.