Transfer conditions

Transfer from another higher education institution is possible only for students who are registered at that institution in a study programme of the same level and study branch as is taught at UVMP in Košice.

Transfer application
  1. Follow steps necessary for regular application process
  2. Submit to the Study Office also following documents:
    • Full academic transcript from the university you want to be transferred from
    • Official statement from the university you want to be transferred from, which confirms your active student's status in the current academic year
    • Written request for a transfer (including name of the university you want to be transferred from, your current year of study and intended year of study you wish to be transferred to)

In line with UVMP internal procedures, transfer is conditional upon succesfully passing the entrance exams and upon acceptance to the first year of study at the UVMP in Košice.

After acceptance to study, within 15 days of delivery date of decision on admission to study, student may apply for recognition of subjects passed at previous higher education institution. After recognition of these subjects and evaluation of their position in the current study plan, student may be transferred into the higher year of study.

Please note that UVMP in Košice does not accept the students applying to the 5th or 6th year of study.

Application for recognition of completed subjects
  1. Compare your completed subjects with subjects of UVMP study plans (UVMP study plans and course information letters are at disposal on request at the Study Office)
  2. Fill in General request form (located at bottom of this webpage), wording example: "I request exemption from following subjects … (list of names of UVMP subjects you want to be recognised) as I have previously completed …. (list of passed subjects linked to the ones you want to be exempt from) at … (name of the university where you passed the subjects), course information letters and transcript is attached." Please note that only subjects completed with final grade can be recognised.
  3. Attach to the request the following (important information should be highlighted):
    • transcript from the university where the subjects were passed (including obtained grades and credits and scale with conversion of acquired grades and credits to ECTS, if not compatible with this system)
    • course information letters of passed subjects with detailed information about curriculum/syllabus, duration/study range of these subjects, allocated credits, etc.
  4. Submit to the Study Office request with all required attachments within 15 days of the decision on admission to study delivery date.