Art Film Fest - ticket package discounts until the end of March!

Dear students!

   At the beginning of this summer Košice are becoming the venue of the most popular film festival in Slovakia – Art Film Fest. The aim of this significant cultural event is to bring its visitors the best of domestic and foreign film production and to endorse the interest in high quality cinematography. 

As there is great audience potential mainly in high school and university students, we have prepared discounted ticket packages for you. The sale starts on Sunday, 14th February and continues until 31st of March.

   After the registration at everybody having ISIC, ITIC and Euro 26 will be able to buy their Cinepass „R“. The advantage of this Cinepass is that in addition to starting price just €15, you will be able to reserve three films at the same time. After one of three reserved films starts, the system will allow you to reserve another one. Reservations of chosen films can be made in advance after release of official programme and opening reservation system. Another advantage of this cinepass is the fact that if its owner does not have a reservation, they can enter chosen projection, if the capacity of the hall allows that, even 5 minutes before its start.

   The price will increase after 31st of March, as the fest is getting closer, however, you will still be able to buy Cinepass „N“ for discount price € 23 until 15th of May.

   The whole programme as well as reservation of many films will be released a few days before the 24th Art Film Fest starts. They will be valid during the whole fest from 17th to 25th June 2016.

   We believe that you will find this offer interesting and we will meet in Košice in large numbers not just during films but also at other planned events and workshops.

   You can find all the important information on the festival’s website


With Best Regards

Rudolf Biermann

General Manager  AFF